Who doesn’t know this establishment? It’s one of the oldest in Oporto being truely wothy of the special reference in the historical script because it’s foundation being almost a century ago, in Santo António street, now 31 de Janeiro street.
When the founder, a well known person in Oporto, passed away Mr. Joaquim Vieira Basto took is place and changed the location to Santa Catarina stree, where now is a branch of Casa Navarro.
Joaquim Vieira Basto Junior took the place of his father and moved the establishment to where you can find it in Passos Manuel street n. 181.
In 1910 Mr Joaquim Morais Soares became the owner a prestigious man in the comercial and social area in Oporto, he did a great job developing and adding value to this prestigious establishment.
In 1932 when he passed away the widow Mrs. Maria Soares a worshiped and respectable lady, who honors traditions and to whom we apretiate the prestige and fame that she brought to Casa das Tortas.

Meat pies are our true special that all Oporto knows and enjoys, but none the less the well known Pasteis de Chaves are in the same level of quality and are the best in Oporto by our customers.The comercial and industrial script acomplishes a duty of reliable information recomending to their vast readers this old anf full of traditions establishment.